Other Services


We offer education on essential oils, hazards in beauty products, how to find healthy products, reading the product label, beauty regimens, how to take care of your skin, etc.

We welcome all groups from a small group of friends, to church outing, to kids field trips. 


We can offer specialized programs for business groups who may want to offer some local flare to those attending a meeting or for the family they may have brought with them. From education to a demonstration to making a handcrafted product.

Fundraising Opportunity

I welcome fundraising opportunities for any groups.  Try something different to raise funds for your cause.  Maybe even consider a customized product of your cause that we make and you sell.  Or sell any of our products.

Field Trips

We welcome field trips and we can accommodate just about any age or group.  From learning about scents to learning about essential oils to making a product that you bring home!

Speaking Engagements

Kelly Bruning is an entrepreneur, researcher, and a wholesome ingredient advocate.  She also has an earned Doctorate in Business Organization with an Info. Tech. Specialty.

From a rags to riches story about "making it" to insprational talks of self-worth for young girls or ladies, to Starting your own business, entrepreneurship, Following Your Passion, etc.


We offer scheduled demonstrations for groups.  So if you have four or more, give us a call.  

Daily, the artisan is at work in our glass  front workshop so it may be hit or miss,  so you can schedule.  Daily demonstrations at 1 and 3 pm - but call ahead at 340-1299 to confirm.